We can design personalised Xero Invoice templates, Quote templates,
Credit Note templates, Statement templates and Purchase Order DOCX templates for a fixed fee.

Training on Xero

Make your Xero correspondence look really professional and stand out from the competition

Xero customised templates can really make a difference to your business. Have you ever found yourself looking at an invoice that has arrived and thought how smart it looks but thought you couldn’t afford such a professional look?, well you couldn’t be more wrong.

A custom designed Xero template with your company logo, your chosen colours and layout can be created quickly and at minimal cost.

Logo inclusion

corporate colours

Layout design


£90+ VAT*

1 Xero template, Invoice, Quote, Credit Note, Statement or Purchase Order

XERO Enterprise

£225+ VAT*

Set of all 5 Xero templates


£160+ VAT*

Set of 3 Xero templates, Choose 3 templates

Additional amendments and amendments to existing Xero templates Please Call Us


You just tell us how you would like your custom Xero template, provide us with either an example of what you would like the template to look like or just give us colours (RGB; CMYK, Pantone or just a guideline from you i.e. “I like blue”) and your Logo and we can do the rest.

If you are not sure of a colour scheme then we are happy to guide you on this either from you company logo or just a preference you may have yourself.

If you choose to go for any option other than the full set of 5 templates and decide within 48 hours of having your templates designed that you would like more templates then we will honour the higher bundle price and not charge to full template price, you will just be charged the different between the bundle you paid for and the higher option you then choose

how our xero template service works?

    • Our template design services is invoiced 100% up front and work will not commence until the invoice has been settled in full
    • You will be provided with PDF samples of your Xero templates created using the Demo Company in Xero until you accept the proofs that will be sent to you by email, you will not be provided with the final .DOCX files until you have accepted the proofs
    • While your templates are still at the PDF / proofing stage, we will continue to make amendments to them for a period of no more than 5 working days
    • Once you have accepted the proof documents and you have been provided with .DOCX template files, we will make no further cosmetic changes unless a fault is found with the provided templates, e.g. when the template is used on your live Xero subscription, perhaps a column width is too small for the size of the figures you use.
    • After the DOCX templates have been provided, any cosmetic changes will be chargeable prior to any changes being made