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Being a Xero gold partner means you can trust us to provide all the support and help you’ll ever need with your Xero system.

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A lot of different systems have come and gone over the years, some of these have been easy to use but don’t work very well and others worked extremely well but are quite difficult to use, Xero is the exception to these rules, it is an absolutely fantastic system, from both the points of view of the end user or business owner and BookKeepers and Accountants, the system is very easy to use for people wishing to do their own accounts and for BookKeepers and Accountants it is full of all the features you would expect to find from a much more expensive system.

As well as the more basic day to day BookKeeping services we can also offer you System setup, Consultation, Troubleshooting, Training, and also Xero Template Design services for Xero.




Some of the benefits to using XERO

  • Xero is extremely simple to use
  • Xero is cost effective with monthly billing
  • You can automate a lot of accounting tasks in Xero which will save you time
  • You can access your accounts from anywhere as long as you have internet access, this can be from your pc, mobile phone, tablet or even your smart enabled television
  • You have 24×7 technical support from the Xero support team via email
  • Access to lots of technical information online in the way of forums and blogs
  • You, your BookKeeper and your accountant can all be logged in to Xero at the same time at no extra cost
  • You will never have to send yearend accounts information to your accountant, they just simply login to Xero where they have access all the information they should need

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